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A list of all documents in the Information Library is in the Index here INFORMATION-LIBRARY-INDEX_07_2021.pdf (3221 downloads)

Township General Information

GI1000-Optional-Plans.pdf (2095 downloads) (Document: GI 1000)
Describes the optional forms of town government that can be adopted in a town. Options include combining the clerk and treasurer positions, making the clerk and/or treasurer positions appointed, and adopting a five-supervisor board. (11 pages) (Revised: July 2021)

GI2000-Urban-Powers-Overview.pdf (1424 downloads) (Document: GI 2000)
A brief discussion of the exercise of expanded town powers often called urban powers and how towns obtain urban powers. (1 page) (Produced: June 2021)

GI3000-NewOfficerContactList2019.pdf (1249 downloads) (Document: GI 3000)
Provides a list of agencies to which new officers should provide their contact information; provides a list of agencies and parties that town officers should be aware of and for which they should have contact information. (1 Page) (Revised: February 2019)

GI4000-How-to-Sign-up-for-and-Use-SeminarWeb.pdf (355 downloads)  (Document: GI 4000)
SeminarWeb is a tool being utilized by the Minnesota Association of Townships (MAT) to provide year-round trainings. This article will look at how to access these trainings from entering MAT’s website to the beginning of the training, and a few points afterward. (8 Pages) (Revised: July 2020)

GI5000-Getting-a-Township-Email-Account.pdf (279 downloads) (Document: GI 5000)
Email is becoming a more common form of communication every day; because of this, towns should establish an email account specific to the township. This article details the basic structure of an email and details several methods on how to obtain one. (16 Pages) (Revised: October 2020)


Minnesota Secretary of State Website
Election Administration Secretary of State Forms & Publications
Affidavit of Candidacy Affidavit of Candidacy from Minnesota’s Secretary of State Office.
Campaign Financial Report Campaign Financial Report from Minnesota’s Secretary of State Office.
2021 Absentee Ballot Application from Minnesota’s Secretary of State Office.

EL1000A-Certificate-of-Election-November.pdf (1599 downloads) (Document: EL 1000A)
Certificate of Election template. (1 page) (Revised: November 2020)

EL1000B-Certificate-of-Election-March.pdf (2402 downloads) (Document: EL 1000B)
Certificate of Election template. (1 page) (Revised: November 2020)

EL1100-Certificate-of-Appointment-to-Fill-Town-Supervisor-Vacancy.pdf (1966 downloads) (Document: EL 1100)
Certificate of Supervisor Appointment template. (1 page) (Revised: November 2020)

EL1200-Certificate-of-Appointment-to-Fill-Town-Clerk-or-Treasurer-Vacancy.pdf (2023 downloads) (Document: EL 1200)
Certificate of Town Clerk or Treasurer Appointment template. (1 page) (Revised: November 2020)

EL1300-Certificate-of-Appointment-for-Deputy-Town-Clerk-1.pdf (1682 downloads) (Document: EL 1300)
Certificate of Appointment of Deputy Town Clerk template. (1 page) (Revised: June 2020)

EL1350-Certificate-of-Appointment-for-Deputy-Town-Treasurer-1.pdf (1446 downloads) (Document: EL 1350)
Certificate of Appointment of Deputy Town Treasurer template. (1 page) (Revised: June 2020)

EL2000-oath-of-office.pdf (3655 downloads) (Document: EL 2000)
Oath of Office template. (2 pages meant to be printed back to back) (Reviewed: May 2019)

EL3000-Campaign-Financial-Report_Certification-of-Filing.pdf (1354 downloads) (Document: EL 3000)
Campaign Financial Report / Certification of Filing Template. (1 page) (Reviewed: November 2020)

EL4000-Guide-to-Adopting-November-Elections.pdf (2692 downloads) (Document: EL 4000)
A general overview of the procedure to move the town’s election to November. Includes a sample resolution. (4 pages) (Revised: June 2021)

EL4100-Guide-to-Returning-to-March-Elections.pdf (1320 downloads) (Document: EL 4100)
A general overview of the procedure to move the town’s election back to March. (3 pages) (Revised: June 2021)

EL4200-Guide-to-Adopting-6-Year-Terms.pdf (1144 downloads) (Document: EL 4200)
A general overview of the procedure to change supervisors’ terms to 6 years. (3 Pages) (Revised June 2021)

EL-5000-Resolution-on-Polling-Place-One-Place.pdf (2296 downloads) (Document: EL 5000)
Resolution adopting one polling place for the township annually. (1 page) (Produced November 2020)

EL-5100-Resolution-on-Polling-Place-Two-Places.pdf (1405 downloads) (Document: EL 5100)
Resolution adopting more than one polling place – one for township elections and one for state and federal elections — for the township annually. (1 page) (Produced November 2020)

EL5200-Resolution-on-Polling-Place-Mail-Ballot.pdf (1658 downloads) (Document: EL 5200)
Resolution designating polling place for towns that conduct their elections by mail ballot – either all elections or only state and federal elections. (2 pages) (Produced November 2020)

EL6000-Election-Judge-Wages-Flowchart-2020.pdf (1156 downloads)  (Document Number EL 6000)
How to deal with compensation paid to election workers: categories include wage earner (citizen or town officer) income thresholds, taxes due (Social Security and Medicare) and end of year reporting (W-2s) (2 pages) (Revised: February 2020)

EL7000-Board-of-Canvass.pdf (1265 downloads)  (Document Number EL 7000)
Information on the town board serving as the Board of Canvass after township elections. Sample agenda and Election Summary included. (6 pages) (Revised: December 2020)

EL8000-Resolution-Adopting-Mail-Balloting.pdf (174 downloads) (Document Number EL 8000)

A sample resolution for your town to adopt mail balloting (1 Page) (Revised: May 2020)

EL9000-Resolution-Appointing-Election-Judges.pdf (278 downloads)  (Document Number EL 9000)

A sample resolution appointing election judges for the town election (2 Pages) (Revised: July 2020)

Township Officers

TO1000-Resolution-Appointing-Vice-Chairperson.pdf (1214 downloads) (Document: TO 1000)
Sample resolution used to create a vice-chair position on the board. Once created, one of the supervisors is appointed to the position and serves in the absence of the chair. (1 page) (Revised: November 2020)

TO2000-Appointing-a-Deputy-Clerk-or-Treasurer.pdf (1991 downloads) Document: (TO 2000)
Describes the deputy clerk and treasurer positions and the procedure to appoint deputies. (2 pages) (Revised: May 2019)

TO3000-Compatibility-of-Offices.pdf (1358 downloads) (Document: TO 3000)
Discusses the prohibition against public officers holding two public offices that are considered incompatible with each other. (2 pages) (Revised: June 2021)

TO4000-Compensation-and-Reimbursement-Policy.pdf (2385 downloads) (Document: TO 4000)
Sample resolution and sample reimbursement policy. (3 pages) (Revised: July 2020)

TO5000-Clerks-as-Ex-Officio-Notaries.pdf (650 downloads) (Document Number: TO 5000)

Information on clerks as Ex Officio Notaries and stamp required. (4 pages) (Revised: December 2020)

Town Meetings

MN Secretary of State Legal Newspaper Section Over 300 newspapers are officially designated publications in which citizens and governmental units advertise notices required by law. The Secretary of State’s Office maintains a list of the Legal Newspapers in which citizens and government units can advertise notices required by law. (It can be downloaded in Excel Spreadsheet.)

TM1000-Township-Hearings.pdf (1290 downloads) (Document: TM 1000)
An overview of the statutory and informational types of hearings conducted by towns with recommendations, worksheets, and samples. (22 pages) (Revised: May 16, 2012)

TM2000-Special-Town-Meetings.pdf (2003 downloads) (Document: TM 2000)
An explanation of why and how to call a special town meeting. (7 pages with sample forms) (Revised: September, 2020)

TM2100-Conducting-and-Controlling-Town-Board-Meetings.pdf (2241 downloads) (Document: TM 2100)
Summarizes legal requirements and provides practical tips for conducting efficient and effect town board meetings. (5 pages) (Revised: February 2020)

TM3000-Basic-Parlimentary-Procedure-for-Town-Boards.pdf (1547 downloads) (Document: TM 3000)
Gives a general overview of parliamentary procedure, briefly describes some of the most used motions, and raises points to consider before adopting rules of procedure. (5 pages) (Revised: February 2020)

TM4000-Resolutions-and-Ordinances.pdf (1818 downloads) (Document: TM 4000)
Describes the differences between by-laws, motions, resolutions, and ordinances and the proper use of each for conducting township business. (2 pages) (Revised: October 2014)

TM5000-Data-practices-overview.pdf (1098 downloads) (Document: TM 5000)
Provides brief overview of what metropolitan townships exercising urban powers must do to comply with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. Resource list for additional information included. (4 pages) (Revised: August 2001)

TM6000-Annual-Town-Meeting.pdf (3168 downloads) (Document: TM 6000)
Checklist overview of the steps that must be considered for calling and conducting the annual town meeting. (9 pages) (Revised: February 2018)

TM7000-Town-Board-Administrative-Policy.pdf (1738 downloads) (Document: TM 7000)
The following is a sample administrative policy written to help boards develop a uniform method for addressing the conduct of town board meetings, citizen participation, and access to town records. (8 Pages) (Revised: February 2020)

Records Retention

Townships must retain records unless they have adopted a Records Retention Filing System. MAT developed a Records Retention Schedule (RR1000) with staff of the state Administration Department and the Minnesota Historical Society. The State Records Disposition Panel (State Auditor, Attorney General, and Minnesota Historical Society Director) reviewed and approved the schedule.

The Records Retention Schedule provides a plan for managing township records by giving authority to dispose of records under Minn. Stat. §138.17. The schedule establishes minimum retention periods for township records based on their administrative, fiscal, legal, and historical value. The retention periods stated on the schedule apply to any form of the record (paper, digital, microfilm).

To adopt the Schedule, the township must pass a Resolution adopting the Records Retention Schedule (RR2000). After adoption, send two copies of the completed notification form to the State Archives. Notification of Adoption of Township General Record Retention. (mailing address is on the notification form) One copy will be signed by State Archives staff and returned to the township; the State Archives permanently preserves the other copy.
Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) Minnesota Historical Society (MNHAS) website.
Records Destruction Report (MNHS) Whenever township records are destroyed, a MNHS Records Destruction Report must be filled.
Government Records Information Leaflet No. 1 Township Records Link to MNHS for the Government Records Information Leaflet No. 1 Township Records
Contact the State Archives of the MNHS Questions? Contact the State Archives of the MNHS using this email link or call 651.259.3260.

RR1000-Records-Retention-Filing-System-from-MNHS.pdf (2315 downloads) (Document: RR 1000)
Details what type of documents need to be filed, how they are filed, how long to file them, and if they need to be archived. Developed in 1985. (13 pages) (October 2017)

RR2000-Resolution-Adopting-MAT-Records-Retention-Schedule.pdf (1440 downloads) (Document: RR 2000)
Sample resolution adopting the Minnesota Township General Records Retention Schedule for the management and destruction of the records in the town’s possession. (1 page) (November 2020)

Township Powers

TP1000-Meshing-of-State-Local-Regulations.pdf (1274 downloads) (Document: TP 1000)
Discusses in some detail the interaction of regulations at the state and local levels. The concepts of preemption and conflict are discussed along with how town, city, and county ordinances interact. (11 pages) (Revised: October 2001)

TP2000-Chart-of-Urban-and-Non-Urban-Town-Powers.pdf (1277 downloads) (Document: TP 2000)
A side-by-side comparison and description of the powers shared by urban towns and non-urban towns and a listing of powers unique to urban towns. (12 pages) (Revised: November 2020)

TP3000-Joint-Exercise-of-Powers-Act.pdf (882 downloads) (Document: TP 3000)
Provides an overview of the joint power act, which allows local governments to jointly undertake an activity. (5 pages) (Revised: October 2020)

TP4000-Developing-a-Findings-of-Fact.pdf (1560 downloads) (Document: TP 4000)
A thorough explanation of the importance of findings of fact as a tool to explain the reasons behind board decisions with the goal of avoiding litigation. (12 pages with a sample set of findings) (Revised: February 2020)

TP5000_Taking-Action-by-Resolution.pdf (1315 downloads) (Document: TP 5000)
Describes resolutions and discusses when they should be used by the board to take an action. (4 pages including a sample resolution) (Revised: January 2014)

TP6000-Town-Ordinances.pdf (1216 downloads) (Document: TP 6000)
This document was expanded to include a list of issues to consider before adopting ordinances and a comparison of the procedures to adopt ordinances. (11 pages) (Revised: January 2002)

TP6100-Drafting-Ordinances.pdf (1267 downloads) (Document: TP 6100)
Summarizes the difference between ordinances and resolutions, the statutory authority to adopt each, outlines the standard content of each, and provides drafting tips to ensure that the proposed ordinance or resolution is easily understood and is enforceable, thus resulting in the desired effects of the town board. (9 pages) (October 2014)

TP-7000-Common-Law-Conflicts-of-Interest.pdf (1447 downloads) (Document: TP 7000)
A detailed discussion of the court created rules surrounding the issue of when a supervisor should not participate in a vote because of a personal interest in the outcome of the vote. (7 pages) (Revised: June 2018)

TP-7010-Common-Law-Conflicts-Quick-Reference.pdf (654 downloads) (Document: TP 7010)
A quick reference guide to Common Law Conflicts of Interest, summarizing the analysis provided in TP 7000. (1 page) (Produced: June 2018)

TP8000-Basic-Road-Administration-Ordinance.pdf (1487 downloads) (Document: TP 8000)
An explanation of why a town may need to adopt a town ordinance protecting the right-of-way on roads maintained by the township. A sample ordinance is included. (7 pages) (Revised: October 2020)

TP8000A-Basic-Road-Administration-Ordinance-Utility-Language.pdf (1016 downloads) (Document: TP 8000A)
This document is meant to serve as an optional add-on to the basic road administration ordinance contained in Document Number TP8000. (8 pages) (Revised: November 2020)

TP9000-Ordinance-Opting-out-of-Temporary-Health-Care-Dwelling-Statute.pdf (1153 downloads) (Document: TP 9000)
This sample ordinance allows the town to opt-out of the Temporary Health Care Dwelling Law, otherwise known as the “Granny Pod” law. (3 Page) (Created: June 2021)


Mandatory State Posters
Federal EEOC Posters
Federal EEOC Supplement
US Dept of Labor – Poster Advisor List of Industries and questions to determine what posters you need in your township
US Dept of Labor – Poster Requirements Workplace Poster Requirement
PERA Local governments must enroll all employees who qualify for Public Employees Retirement Association of Minnesota (PERA) membership, report wage and employment information on covered members, pay contributions, and provide information about employees that have been excluded from PERA participation.

E1000-Hiring-a-Town-Attorney.pdf (1212 downloads) (Document Number: E 1000)
Provides a discussion of the how to find an attorney to represent a township; the questions to ask before hiring an attorney; and the factors to consider when choosing between multiple attorneys. Identifies techniques for maximizing the benefit of retaining a township attorney and for evaluating whether or not the township is getting services it needs for the money it is paying to the attorney. (7 pages) (Revised: July 2020)

E2000-Employee-Firearm-Policy.pdf (1197 downloads) (Document Number: E 2000)
A sample resolution authorizing employers to establish policies that restrict the carry or possession of firearms by employees while working. (2 Pages) (Revised: April 2020)

E3000-AWAIR-Program.pdf (1205 downloads) (Document Number: E 3000)
A sample program policy promoting safe and healthful working conditions to be adopted by a town board. Also includes an Annual Review form for the Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction Program (AWAIR). (5 Pages) (Revised: March 2020)

E4000-Seasonal-Employees.pdf (1373 downloads) (Document Number: E 4000)
This memorandum discusses topics related to seasonal or temporary employment, such as advertising job openings, termination and rehiring, collective bargaining rights, retirement benefits, and other topics. A Termination Checklist is included. (6 Pages) (Revised: October 2020)

E5000-Employee-Versus-Independent-Contractor.pdf (1185 downloads) (Document Number: E 5000)
Discusses the differences between an employee of the town and an independent contractor and who is responsible for aspects such as insurance, taxes, and performance. (4 Pages) (Revised: April 2014)

E6000-Local-Government-Pay-Equity.pdf (1283 downloads) (Document Number: E 6000)
Describes what is Pay Equity and impermissible inequities and who is required to report to DOER. Definition of what an employee is and information to assist in proper filing of reports sent to DOER are discussed. Contact information for DOER also included. (4 Pages) (Revised: November 2020)

E7000-Veterans-Preference-Issues.pdf (1173 downloads) (Document Number: E 7000)
The Minnesota Veterans’ Preference Act provides veterans of military service certain rights in public employment. This document discusses the rights given to veterans during the hiring process and termination process. (5 Pages) (Revised: June 2005)

E8000-Employment-References.pdf (1082 downloads) (Document Number: E 8000)
This document discusses the changes in the law that help employers limit liability related to employment references. A list of employment practices a town should use is included. (2 Pages) (Revised: March 2020)

Specific Town Duties

TD1000-Animal-Bounties.pdf (1424 downloads) (Document Number: TD 1000)
An overview of the authority to impose animal bounties (5 pages including Sample Resolution) (Revised: November 2020)

TD2000-Town-Board-Licensing-Authority.pdf (1035 downloads) (Document Number: TD 2000)
A brief overview of the various types of licenses towns have the authority to issue. (5 pages) (Revised: February 2020)

TD3000-Liquor-Licenses-in-Towns.pdf (1242 downloads) (Document Number: TD 3000)
Discusses the authority of towns to approve liquor licenses and to impose an additional fee on liquor licenses. (5 pages) (Revised: June 2021)

TD4000-Local-Weed-Inspection-Duties.pdf (1326 downloads) (Document Number: TD 4000)
A brief overview of the duties supervisors must perform in their role as local weed inspectors in their towns. (3 pages) (Revised: July 2019)

TD5000-Fence-Law.pdf (1156 downloads) (Document Number: TD 5000)
Examines the fence law and the various types of disputes that can arise under it. (24 pages, including worksheets and sample forms) (Revised: June 2019)

Emergency Services

ES1000-Imposing-a-Charge-for-Emergency-Services.pdf (1063 downloads) (Document Number: ES 1000)
A description of the authority to impose a service charge for providing certain emergency services (e.g., fire call fee) (3 pages including sample documents) (Revised: November 2019)

ES2000-Open-Meeting-By-Telephone-Resolution.pdf (1250 downloads) (Document Number: ES 2000)
A sample resolution for your town to adopt to conduct open meetings through telephone during emergencies declared under Minn. Stat. Ch. 12 or Health Pandemics (2 Pages) (Revised: March 2020)

ES3000-Township-Options-for-Meeting-Remotely.pdf (790 downloads) (Document Number: ES 3000)
A guide on how to conduct meetings remotely, notifying residents of the town’s intent, what services are out there, and how to set up a teleconference service or other electronic means of meeting. (7 Pages) (Revised: March 2020)


C1000-Lowest-Responsible-Bidder-Requirement.pdf (1454 downloads) (Document Number: C 1000)
A detailed discussion of the lowest responsible bidder requirement that applies when the sealed bid procedure is used to let a contract. (4 pages) (Revised: February 2020)

C1500-Responsible-Contractor.pdf (1172 downloads) (Document Number: C 1500)
A discussion of the responsible contractor law that applies for public construction contracts. With Sample Forms. (6 pages) (Revised: September 2015)

C2000-IC-134-Forms.pdf (1205 downloads) (Document Number: C 2000)
Brief description of the requirement to obtain IC-134 from contractors performing work for the town. (1 page) (Revised: July 2020)

C4000-Contracts-and-RFPs.pdf (1544 downloads) (Document Number: C 4000)
Provides a discussion of the requirements of Minnesota public contracting laws, including competitive bidding requirements, notice requirements, bid specifications, and the use of Requests for Proposals (RFPs). Penalties for violations are also covered, as is contracting with an interested public official (i.e. conflicts-of-interest). (14 pages) (Revised: February 2020)

C5000A-Generic-Contract-for-Services.pdf (1719 downloads) (Short Form for Small Contracts) (Document Number: C 5000A)
This sample contract is for small service contracts. It contains basic contract provisions and must be modified and supplemented by the town board to fit its particular needs. (4 pages) (Revised: March 2020)

C5000B-Road-Contractor-Services-Agreement-Long-Form-Summer-Season-Contract.pdf (1466 downloads) (Long Form Summer Season Contract) (Document Number: C 5000B)
This sample contract covers a wide range of summer road maintenance and repair services. Boards must supplement the form with specifications, performance expectations, and a fee schedule. (17 pages) (Revised: March 2020)

C5200-Mowing-Services-Contract.pdf (1758 downloads) (Document Number: C 5200)
This sample contract covers mowing services provided by a contractor for a township. (3 pages) (Revised: November 2020)

C5700-Sample-Fire-Contract.pdf (2351 downloads) (Document Number: C 5700)
Since Fire Protection is commonly contracted between cities and towns, the Minnesota Association of Township worked with the League of Minnesota Cities to develop a sample fire contract. (6 pages) (Revised: March 2020)

C6000-Conflict-of-Interest.pdf (2808 downloads) (Document Number C 6000)
Provides information about the statutory conflicts of interest prohibition and when a contract can be allowed. Includes sample resolutions and affidavits. (11 pages) (Revised: April 2019)

C7000-Road-Work-Completion-Certificate.pdf (1093 downloads) (Document Number: C 7000)
Provides information on final payments on road contracts. Includes sample Town Road Work Completion Certificate. (2 pages) (Revised: August 2020)

C8000-Contracts-for-Health-Social-and-Recreational-Services-Fillable.pdf (1032 downloads) (Document Number: C 8000)
Sample Contract authorizing a township to contract services from a nonprofit organization for health, social, and recreational services found to be good for the town. (4 pages) (Revised: June 2019)

C9000-Contracting-Issues-Reminders.pdf (1273 downloads) (Document Number: C 9000)
This document is a helpful overview of issues and reminders that town officers should consider during the contracting process. (9 pages) (Revised: May 2019)


Office of the State Auditor’s CTAS Page The Office of the Minnesota State Auditor distributes the Small City and Town Accounting System (CTAS), to assist towns in accounting tasks and submitting financial records to the Office of the State Auditor. Information includes: CTAS 8 Order Form, Videos and Documents to get started, CTAS User Manual, Uniform Chart of Accounts, Tax Tables and FAQs.
BSO Tutorial for Tax Year 2018 Guide from Social Security Administration on filling out W-2 forms.

F1000-Contributions-and-Donations.pdf (1573 downloads) (Document Number: F 1000)
A description of the need for statutory authority to make contributions and a list of authorized contributions. (6 pages) (Revised: May 2019)

F1500-Resolution-Accepting-Donations.pdf (833 downloads)  (Document Number: F 1500)
Sample Resolution for a Township to accept donations. (Revised: May 2020)

F2000-Claim-Form.pdf (1614 downloads)  (Document Number: F 2000)
Sample of the form that can be used to make a claim for payment against the town. (1 page) (Revised: April 2020)

F3000-Statutory-Financial-Requirements.pdf (1687 downloads)  (Document Number: F 3000)
An overview of the statutes towns must follow regarding dealing with banks, making investments, and paying claims. (13 pages) (Revised: June 2018)

F4000_Special-Assessments.pdf (1158 downloads) (Document Number: F 4000)
This guide provides an overview of the special assessment process as set forth in Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 429. An outline of the steps required to be followed, a discussion of financing options, and sample forms are included. (25 pages) (Revised: November 2013)

F6000-Public-Finance-and-borrowing.pdf (1102 downloads)  (Document Number: F 6000)
An overview of the types of financing and borrowing available to townships. (13 pages) (Revised: October 2020)

F8000-Township-Investment-Issues.pdf (1310 downloads) (Document Number: F 8000)
Presentation regarding investments for Townships. (27 pages) (Revised: June 2010)

F9000-Township-Indebtedness-Issues.pdf (1068 downloads)  (Document Number: F9000)
Presentation regarding indebtedness issues common to townships. (27 pages) (Revised: June 2010)

Planning, Zoning, and Land Use

Municipal Boundary Adjustment The boundaries of Minnesota’s cities and towns are legally adjusted by the Office of Administrative Hearings in cases involving the creation, annexation, detachment, or consolidation of municipalities.

PZ1000-Planning-and-Zoning-General-Overview.pdf (1434 downloads) (Document Number: PZ 1000)
Provides a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of local planning and zoning and questions that should be asked before proceeding. This paper also provides an overview of the players involved with township planning and zoning, a description of the types of documents and regulations involved with planning and zoning, and a summary of the process to adopt planning and zoning. A discussion on how to administer and enforce regulations is also included. (18 pages) (Revised: June 2021)

PZ2000-Zoning-Decisions-.pdf (1441 downloads) (Document Number: PZ 2000)
Explains the various legal limitations imposed on a town’s zoning authority by the legislature and the courts. (19 pages) (Revised: December 2001)

PZ3000-Practical-Guide-to-the-60-day-rule.pdf (1054 downloads) (Document Number: PZ 3000)
A review of the requirements under Minn. Stat. § 15.99 to handle zoning requests within 60 days. (10 pages) (Revised: January 2004)

Township Roads

TR0050-Overview-of-Township-Roads-and-Statute-Reference.pdf (678 downloads) (Document Number: TR 0050)
Describes common terms and lists statutes related to township roads and their regulation & maintenance. (4 Pages) (Produced: June 2019)

TR1000-Minimum-Maintenance-Roads.pdf (1464 downloads) (Document Number: TR 1000)
Explains what minimum maintenance roads are, how to make the designation, and discusses other issues such as the level of maintenance on these roads. (9 pages) (Revised: September 2020)

TR2000-Owner-Obligation-Road-Ditches.pdf (1189 downloads) (Document Number: TR 2000)
Discusses the authority under Minn. Stat. § 366.015 to make owners responsible for mowing and removing rocks from the road ditches adjacent to their property. (7 pages with sample forms) (Revised: June 2020)

TR2500-Owner-Obligation-to-Remove-Snow-or-Ice.pdf (1254 downloads) (Document Number: TR 2500)
Discusses the authority under Minn. Stat. § 366.016 to make owners who place snow and ice onto a road or right-of-way responsible for removing the snow and ice. (13 pages with sample forms) (Revised: June 2020)

TR3000-Recording-Town-Roads-.pdf (1641 downloads) (Document Number: TR 3000)
Discusses the legal background to recording roads and reviews the various method for recording existing town roads. Provides a brief list of the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods. (17 pages) (Revised: November 2020)

TR4000-Creation-and-Extinguishment-of-Town-Roads.pdf (1187 downloads) (Document Number: TR 4000)
Discusses the various methods used to create or get rid of a town road. After providing a brief discussion on the legal basis for each, the document moves into a series of worksheets that discuss the procedures involved for the methods discussed. (14 pages) (Revised: November 2020)

To reduce the size of the request, town officers may request the primary document and then select the worksheet they are interested from the following:

TR5000-Is-This-A-Town-Road.pdf (1475 downloads) (Document Number: TR 5000)
A flowchart with descriptions the reader uses to work through the various considerations to determine if a particular road was ever created as a town road or lost as a town road. (4 pages) (Revised: August 2020)

TR6000-Tree-Vegetation-Control.pdf (1563 downloads) (Document Number: TR 6000)
Outlines the various statutes and issues association with mowing, weed control, tree trimming, tree removal, and other roadside vegetation control issues. (10 pages) (Revised: August 2020)

TR7000-Resolution-to-Place-35-mph-Speed-Limit-Signs.pdf (823 downloads) (Document Number: TR 7000)
Sample resolution deciding to place 35 M.P.H. speed limit signs on town platted roads that qualify as being within a “rural residential district.” (1 page) (Revised: May 2020)

TR7500-Resolution-to-Place-25-mph-Speed-Limit-Signs.pdf (802 downloads) (Document Number: TR 7500)
Sample resolution deciding to place 25 M.P.H. speed limit signs on town platted roads that qualify as being within a “rural residential district.” (1 page) (Revised: May 2020)

TR8000-Resolution-Reaffirming-MM-Designation.pdf (781 downloads) (Document Number: TR 8000)
Sample resolution used to reconfirm the designation of existing minimum-maintenance roads. Used if the original resolutions making the designations are difficult to locate. (1 page) (Revised: May 2020)

TR9000-Ditches-and-Drainage.pdf (1338 downloads)   (Document Number: TR 9000)
Reviews some of the disputes that can arise over the handling of surface water and discusses the statutes town boards must consider when dealing with such disputes and when performing work on road ditches. (4 pages) (Revised: November 2020)

TR11000-Resolution-Town-Line-Road-Agreement.pdf (891 downloads) (Document Number: TR 11000)
Sample resolution used by towns to agree on the division of maintenance on a town line road. (3 pages) (Revised: May 2020)

TR12000_Cartways-Worksheet.pdf (1343 downloads) (Document Number: TR 12000)
A description of cartways and the circumstances under which they can be created. Refers the reader to the town road establishment procedure in the Creation and Extinguishment document. (13 pages) (Revised: April 2014)

TR12500_Cartway-Proceedings.pdf (1343 downloads) (Document Number: TR 12500)
After a brief discussion of what cartways are, this paper walks through the usual steps of a typical cartway proceeding, from the initial inquiry about a cartway to the filing of the final documents establishing it. (43 pages) (Revised: October 2005)

TR13000-Culverts-Approaches.pdf (1400 downloads) (Document Number: TR 13000)
A brief description of the law applying to the question of who pays for culverts and approaches. (2 pages) (Revised: November 2017)

TR15000A-Snow-Removal-Policy-Sample-Employees-Equipment.pdf (1070 downloads) (Document Number: TR15000A)
A sample resolution boards with snowplowing personnel and equipment can use to establish a snowplowing policy. Only those boards willing to require strict compliance with the policy should use this form. Boards will need to modify the form to fit their particular circumstances. (9 pages) (Revised: August 2020).

TR15000B-Snow-Removal-Policy-Sample.pdf (1127 downloads) (Document Number: TR15000B)
A sample resolution boards that contract for snowplowing services can use to establish a snowplowing policy. Only those boards willing to require their contractor to comply with the policy should use this form. Boards will need to modify the form to fit their particular circumstances. (8 pages) (Revised: August 2020).

TR16000-Resolution-to-Temporarily-Close-a-Road.pdf (803 downloads) (Document Number: TR16000)
A sample resolution to temporarily close certain town roads during the winter. (1 page) (Revised: May 2020).

TR17000-Voters-Authorization-for-Manure-Line-Regulation-Resolution.pdf (980 downloads) (Document Number: TR17000)
An explanation of the voters’ option to authorize the town board to regulate the placement pressurized flexible force mains, often called ‘manure lines’, and a sample resolution for use at the Annual Township Meeting. (2 pages) (Created: November 2020).

Risk Management

RM2000-Risk-Management-for-Supervisors.pdf (1040 downloads) (Document Number: RM 2000)
A brief outline of a session presented at the 2000 Summer Short Courses highlighting issues supervisors should consider when making decisions on behalf of the town to help reduce liability. (2 pages) (Revised: July 2000)

RM3000-Procedural-Safeguards-for-Township-Officers.pdf (1262 downloads) (Document Number: RM 3000)
Provides a number of recommendations that town boards can use to avoid litigation. The issues raised are supported with real life town examples. The document was presented at the 2000 Legal Seminar. (11 pages) (Revised: February 2020)

RM4000-Town-Hall-Rental-Policy-and-Application.pdf (854 downloads) (Document Number: RM 4000)
A sample policy and rental application for the rental of a Township Town Hall. (6 Pages) (Revised: July 2020)

RM5000-Work-Comp-Basics.pdf (976 downloads)   (Document Number: RM 5000)
A basic explanation about Workers Compensation and what it is, elements of a claim, and what constitutes an injury. (9 Pages) (Revised: February 2020)

RM6000-Volunteer-Services-Agreement.pdf (1044 downloads) (Document Number: RM 6000)
A sample statement and agreement for volunteer services performed by an individual for a township. (1 Page) (Revised: April 2020)

General Forms

GF-1000-Affidavit-of-Personal-Service.pdf (1020 downloads) (Document Number: GF1000)
Form used to document the personal delivery of notice to a particular person (e.g., delivery of notice of road establishment hearing to affected owner) (1 page) (Revised: June 2021)

GF-2000-Affidavit-of-Mailing.pdf (763 downloads) (Document Number: GF2000)
Form used to document the mailing of an item. The location of where it was mailed, who mailed it, who it was sent to, and the signature swearing that it was done are in this form. (1 page) (Revised: June 2021)

GF-3000-Affidavit-of-Posting.pdf (1457 downloads) (Document Number: GF3000)
Form used to document the personal posting of a notice at listed town posting places. (1 page) (Revised: June 2021)

Township Manual

The Manual on Town Government is updated each year. At the Spring Short Courses in March/April, Newly Elected Officials are given a copy of the manual as part of their introduction into Township Government.

2020 Town Manual Table of Contents:   Complete Index for the Township Manual with what is included in each chapter.

2020 New Officer Contact List Important contact information for New Officials to notify.

Chapter 1:  Purpose of the Manual

Chapter 2:  Setting Up Township Government: Form and Operation

Chapter 3:  Township Government: Town Board Elections, Meetings & Functions.

Chapter 4: Running and Holding Township Office: Duties, Eligibility, and Vacancies.

Chapter 5: Town Powers

Chapter 6:  Town Governance: The Decision Making Process

Chapter 7:  Running Town Meetings (Complying with the Open Meeting Law and Other Notice Requirements)

Chapter 8:  Revenue, Finance & Debt

Chapter 9:  Contracting, Sales & Purchases

Chapter 10:  Conflicts of Interest

Chapter 11:  Liability

Chapter 12: Liability Limitations and Immunities

Chapter 13:  Managing Risk

Chapter 14:  Auditing & Oversight

Chapter 15:  Town Roads

Chapter 16:  Planning & Zoning

Chapter 17:  Boundary Adjustments: Annexation and Detachment

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