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A list of all documents in the Information Library is in the Index here INFORMATION-LIBRARY-INDEX_07_2019.pdf (2935 downloads)

Township General Information

GI_1000_Optional_Plans.pdf (1165 downloads) (Document: GI 1000)
Describes the optional forms of town government that can be adopted in a town. Options include combining the clerk and treasurer positions, making the clerk and/or treasurer positions appointed, and adopting a five-supervisor board. (9 pages) (Revised: September 2017)

GI-2000-Urban-Powers-Overview.pdf (856 downloads) (Document: GI 2000)
A brief discussion of the exercise of expanded town powers often called urban powers and how towns obtain urban powers. (2 pages) (Produced: December 2017)

GI3000-NewOfficerContactList2019.pdf (9 downloads) (Document: GI 3000)
Provides a list of agencies to which new officers should provide their contact information; provides a list of agencies and parties that town officers should be aware of and for which they should have contact information. (1 Page) (Revised: February 2019)


Minnesota Secretary of State Website
Election Administration Secretary of State Forms & Publications
Affidavit of Candidacy Affidavit of Candidacy from Minnesota’s Secretary of State Office.
Campaign Financial Report Campaign Financial Report from Minnesota’s Secretary of State Office.
2018 Absentee Ballot Application from Minnesota’s Secretary of State Office.

EL1000A-Certificate-of-Election-November.pdf (812 downloads) (Document: EL 1000A)
Certificate of Election template. (1 page) (Revised: July 2016)

EL1000B-Certificate-of-Election-March.pdf (1204 downloads) (Document: EL 1000B)
Certificate of Election template. (1 page) (Revised: July 2016)

EL1100-Certificate-of-Appointment-to-Fill-Town-Supervisor-Vacancy.pdf (1106 downloads) (Document: EL 1100)
Certificate of Supervisor Appointment template. (1 page) (Revised: July 2016)

EL1200-Certificate-of-Appointment-to-Fill-Town-Clerk-or-Treasurer-Vacancy.pdf (1125 downloads) (Document: EL 1200)
Certificate of Town Clerk or Treasurer Appointment template. (1 page) (Revised: July 2016)

EL1300-Certificate-of-Appointment-for-Deputy-Town-Clerk.pdf (1027 downloads) (Document: EL 1300)
Certificate of Appointment of Deputy Town Clerk template. (1 page) (Revised: April 27, 2017)

EL1350-Certificate-of-Appointment-for-Deputy-Town-Treasurer.pdf (880 downloads) (Document: EL 1350)
Certificate of Appointment of Deputy Town Treasurer template. (1 page) (Revised: April 27, 2017)

EL2000-oath-of-office.pdf (1981 downloads) (Document: EL 2000)
Oath of Office template. (2 pages meant to be printed back to back) (Reviewed: July 2016)

EL3000-Campaign-Financial-Report_Certification-of-Filing.pdf (742 downloads) (Document: EL 3000)
Campaign Financial Report / Certification of Filing Template. (1 page) (Reviewed: July 2016)

EL4000-Guide-to-Adopting-November-Elections.pdf (1992 downloads) (Document: EL 4000)
A general overview of the procedure to move the town’s election to November. Includes a sample resolution. (4 pages) (Revised: June 2016)

EL4100-Guide-to-Returning-to-March-Elections.pdf (863 downloads) (Document: EL 4100)
A general overview of the procedure to move the town’s election back to March. (3 pages) (Revised: June 2016)

EL4200-Guide-to-Adoptiing-6-Year-Terms.pdf (734 downloads) (Document: EL 4200)
A general overview of the procedure to change supervisors’ terms to 6 years. (3 Pages) (Revised June 2016)

EL-5000-Resolution-on-Polling-Place-One-Place.pdf (1399 downloads) (Document: EL 5000)
Resolution adopting one polling place for the township annually. (1 page) (Produced October 2017)

EL-5100-Resolution-on-Polling-Place-Two-Places.pdf (922 downloads) (Document: EL 5100)
Resolution adopting more than one polling place – one for township elections and one for state and federal elections — for the township annually. (2 pages) (Produced October 2017)

EL-5200-Resolution-on-Polling-Place-Mail-Ballot.pdf (1061 downloads) (Document: EL 5200)
Resolution designating polling place for towns that conduct their elections by mail ballot – either all elections or only state and federal elections. (2 pages) (Produced October 2017)

EL6000-Election-Judge-Wages-Flowchart-2018.pdf (218 downloads)  (Document Number EL 6000)
How to deal with compensation paid to election workers: categories include wage earner (citizen or town officer) income thresholds, taxes due (Social Security and Medicare) and end of year reporting (W-2s) (2 pages) (Revised: March 2018)

EL7000-Board-of-Canvass.pdf (266 downloads)  (Document Number EL 7000)
Information on the town board serving as the Board of Canvass after township elections. Sample agenda and Election Summary included. (5 pages) (Revised: January 2019)

Township Officers

TO1000-Resoluiton-Appointing-Vice-Chairperson.pdf (799 downloads) (Document: TO 1000)
Sample resolution used to create a vice-chair position on the board. Once created, one of the supervisors is appointed to the position and serves in the absence of the chair. (1 page) (Revised: October 2017)

TO2000-Appointing-a-Deputy-Clerk-or-Treasurer.pdf (1245 downloads) Document: (TO 2000)
Describes the deputy clerk and treasurer positions and the procedure to appoint deputies. (2 pages) (Revised: December 2001)

TO3000-Compatibility-of-Offices.pdf (894 downloads) (Document: TO 3000)
Discusses the prohibition against public officers holding to public offices that are considered incompatible with each other. (2 pages) (Revised: October 2017)

TO4000-Compensation-and-Reimbursement-Policy.pdf (1423 downloads) (Document: TO 4000)
Sample resolution and sample reimbursement policy. (3 pages) (Revised: August 2004)

TO5000-Clerks-as-Ex-Officio-Notaries.pdf (47 downloads) (Document Number: TO 5000)

Information on clerks as Ex Officio Notaries and stamp required. (3 pages) (Revised: January 2019)

Town Meetings

MN Secretary of State Legal Newspaper Section Over 300 newspapers are officially designated publications in which citizens and governmental units advertise notices required by law. The Secretary of State’s Office maintains a list of the Legal Newspapers in which citizens and government units can advertise notices required by law. (It can be downloaded in Excel Spreadsheet.)

TM1000-Township-Hearings.pdf (770 downloads) (Document: TM 1000)
An overview of the statutory and informational types of hearings conducted by towns with recommendations, worksheets, and samples. (22 pages) (Revised: May 16, 2012)

TM2000-Special-Town-Meetings.pdf (1271 downloads) (Document: TM 2000)
An explanation of why and how to call a special town meeting. (7 pages with sample forms) (Revised: January 21, 2015)

TM2100-Conducting-and-Controlling-Town-Board-Meetings.pdf (1429 downloads) (Document: TM 2100)
Summarizes legal requirements and provides practical tips for conducting efficient and effect town board meetings. (4 pages) (Revised: July 2002)

TM3000-Parlimentary-Procedure.pdf (1016 downloads) (Document: TM 3000)
Gives a general overview of parliamentary procedure, briefly describes some of the most used motions, and raises points to consider before adopting rules of procedure. (6 pages) (Revised: November 2001)

TM4000-Resolutions-and-Ordinances.pdf (1088 downloads) (Document: TM 4000)
Describes the differences between by-laws, motions, resolutions, and ordinances and the proper use of each for conducting township business. (2 pages) (Revised: October 2014)

TM5000-Data-practices-overview.pdf (720 downloads) (Document: TM 5000)
Provides brief overview of what metropolitan townships exercising urban powers must do to comply with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. Resource list for