You’re invited to the 2021 MAT Educational Conference and Annual Meeting

Due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 MAT Educational Conference and Annual Meeting will be held via Zoom webinar. Township officials can use their computer (preferred) or phone to participate. There is no cost to attend.

Virtual, Thursday 9/9/21 through Saturday 9/11/21


Meeting link for Thursday Town Law Review
Sep 9, 2021 08:00 AM
Participate via computer (preferred):

Meeting ID: 813 6518 6124
OR participate via phone, (301) 715-8592 passcode 81365186124#



Meeting link for Friday educational session (keynote and breakouts)
Time: Sep 10, 2021 06:00 PM
Participate via computer (preferred):

Meeting ID: 846 6487 2581
OR participate via phone, (312) 626-6799 passcode 84664872581#



Saturday Annual Meeting Link (Register to receive zoom link automatically by email)
Registration Required 
Sep 11, 2021, 08:00 AM

Register for Saturday annual meeting: 

Saturday Annual Meeting Link (Register to receive zoom link automatically by email)
Registration Required 
Sep 11, 2021, 08:00 AM

Register for Saturday annual meeting: 



Registration is not required to participate on Thursday and Friday.

Town Law Review
Thursday, September 9, 2021

The Town Law Review is an educational seminar aimed at some of the more challenging topics townships face, especially those faced by larger and more urban townships. These seminars will be presented online, at no charge, as part of the 2021 MAT Annual Meeting.

8:00am Community Septic Systems – Applications, Challenges and Management
By: Dr. Sara Heger; Researcher and Instructor at University of Minnesota’s Onsite Sewage Treatment Program in the Water Resources Center
Community septic systems or cluster systems can be part of new development or used to solve problems with small or challenging properties. This presentation will describe what they are, how they are regulated, and the technical resources needed for design, installation and operation and maintenance. It will also discuss the management needs from an administrative and finical aspect. Challenges, life expectancy and decommissioning are additional topics that will be addressed.

9:00am Current Township Legal Issues
By: Troy Gilchrist and Jason Hill; Attorneys with Kennedy & Graven, Chartered
A review of some of the more common and pressing legal issues facing towns, from roads to zoning.

10:00am Town Road Law – Hot Topics
By Ken Bayliss; Attorney with Quinlivan & Hughes, P.A.
This presentation will discuss the latest developments in town road law, including issues related to roads that run along and to bodies of water. Among the topics that will be discussed are the cases of Carlson v. Livonia Township and Schussler v. City of Village of Minnetonka Beach. The presentation will also address the question of encroachments on to the right of way and strategies for handling conflicts with those adjoining township roads.

11:00am Employment Basics for Urban Towns
By: Susan Tindal; Attorney with Iverson Reuvers
This topic will cover considerations in hiring (including the Veteran’s Preference Act, and best practices in hiring), pay and benefit regulations (including PERA and the Local Government Pay Equity Act), and management of employees (including supervision, discipline, and termination).


Friday training and informational classes:

6:00pm Emerging Energy Technologies
Keynote: Isaac Orr, Policy Fellow at Center of the American Experiment

Breakout sessions

  • 7:00 Table 1: Cory Vaske, County Veterans Service Officers
  • 7:00 Table 2: Jim Smith, State Fire Marshall, and Steve Flaherty, Executive Director of the Minnesota Board of Fire Training and Education (MBFTE)
  • 7:00 Table 3: Lori Stalker and Petra Hartness, Trainer and Clerk & Treasurer Support for general Q&A

Breakout sessions

  • 8:00 Table 1: Brian Jackson, Gravel Roads
  • 8:00 Table 2: Kay King, Minding your Mental Health Post COVID-19
  • 8:00 Table 3: Mark Kulda, NOAA weather patterns/insurance



Saturday Annual Meeting: Please join us!

Pre-meeting Presentation 8:00am Jon Mocol with the Minnesota Association of Townships Insurance Trust (MATIT)

8:30am Meeting opening

Agenda includes speakers from MN Association of Townships, special guests, MAT scholarship recognitions, presentation of recognitions, L&R Committee report, and more.


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Board of Appeal and Equalization Training

MN Dept of Revenue BAE Training Schedule More information, Course materials, Training Dates/Locations, Attendance lists, and more.
Course Materials Digital copy of the handbook received at the training and the PowerPoint presentation.
Attendance Lists View updated attendance lists by County or by Name for those who have attended an BAE course in the last four years.

Board of Appeal & Equalization: Steps to find Training and/or Certification Step-by-step instructions on how to find the Board of Appeal & Equalization section on the MN Department of Revenue’s website and register.  NOTE: It takes up to FIVE business days to receive your username and password when registering.

Board of Appeal and Equalization Further Information

Legislation enacted in the 2003 session requires that, at each meeting of a Board of Appeal and Equalization (beginning with the 2006 local boards), there be at least one voting member who has, within the last four years, attended an appeals and equalization course developed or approved by the Commissioner of Revenue.

The appeals and equalization course details the responsibilities, procedures and requirements of Boards of Appeal and Equalization. The legislation also requires the Commissioner of Revenue to develop a handbook to be reviewed during the course. The contents of the handbook include:

  • the role of the board in the assessment process;
  • the legal and policy reasons for fair and impartial appeal and equalization hearings;
  • board meeting procedures that foster fair and impartial assessment reviews and other best practices recommendations;
  • quorum requirements for boards; and
  • explanations of alternate methods of appeal.

More than one board member encouraged to attend
While the law only requires that one voting board member attend the appeals and equalization course within the last four years, the Department of Revenue recommends that additional board members attend the training. It is important to note that the member who attended the training session must be present at the Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting. If that member fails to attend the meeting due to illness or other circumstances, the board is deemed to have transferred its Board of Appeal and Equalization duties to the county. Having more than one board member attend the course can eliminate situations in which unforeseen circumstances result in a failure to comply with the training requirement.

Must be voting member to satisfy requirements
Please note that a voting member of the board must attend the appeals and equalization course to meet the training requirements. Generally, the town board of a town or the council or other governing body of a city is the Board of Appeal and Equalization. While city and township clerks are encouraged to attend the training, the clerk’s attendance will not satisfy the training requirements if the clerk is not a voting member of the board. For townships, this means that only the township supervisors are voting members; township clerks are not voting members of the board. For cities, some clerks are voting members of the board (in standard plan cities, the clerk is a voting member).

What if I have questions?

You can contact us at or by calling 651-556-6091.

LTAP & Truck Weight Training Opportunities

The mission of the LTAP program is to foster a safe, efficient, environmentally sound transportation system by improving skills and knowledge of local transportation providers through training, technical assistance, and technology transfer.

Minnesota LTAP serves these and other training needs through workshops, personalized training, demonstrations, distance learning, events, seminars, and conferences. Training is at the heart of Minnesota LTAP.

Upcoming FREE Virtual Workshops:
Chainsaw safety training, Excavating and trenching, CDL and load securement, Drones: another tool for maintenance and operations
HMR Recycling (hot in-place/cold in-place) (Dated TBD), Crack sealing, filling and mastic crack repairs (Date TBD)

Pavement Preservation—Longitudinal Joints Webinar, This webinar will be held on Wednesday, June 23, 2021, from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. CDT.
  Registration Page here Cost: Free!

LTAP Website Home Page (Gravel Road Maintenance, Culvert Installation, Sign Maintenance & Management, and more classes available)

Truck Weight Education Program:

Gravel Roads Webinar Series

Minnesota Truck-Weight Education Training
Minnesota Truck-Weight Education Program: What Does Your Load Weigh? Video about the Truck Weight Program Training

Previously offered: Truck Weight Education (Alexandria Tech College) Truck Weight Through Alexandria Technical & Community College. Future training will be done statewide through the Center for Transportation Studies.  

GTS Land Use Planning Workshops

Everyone is impacted by how land is used. Land Use describes a decision-making process used to determine how a land should be developed to meet the needs of residents, businesses, and government. Building mixed-use developments, adding more bike lanes and walking paths, or zoning land for commercial development are examples of just some of the ways land can be developed to meet community needs.

From basic to advanced core content, to special and emerging topics, the Land Use Training and Education Program is designed to provide opportunities for elected and appointed officials, land use planning and zoning staff, the business community, community-based organizations, and concerned citizens from cities, suburbs, towns, and rural areas to engage in conversations and collaborative learning that will drive toward equitable and sustainable land use outcomes.

For a list of upcoming Land Use Training & Education Programs, use this link:

Fall 2020 Regional Land Use Conferences are in October 2020.

Board of Equalization

Clerk Training

MAT Office Training

There are no upcoming events at this time.

L&R Meeting

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Annual Conference