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MAT Staff May 21, 2020

Rural Grant Guide now available

Grants to Support Projects in Rural Areas

This guide identifies potential funding opportunities to support community development, healthcare, broadband and energy, and water and wastewater projects in rural areas. These opportunities prioritize evidence-based, cost-effective programs for many of the most pressing issues that face rural communities. The grants included in this guide are opportunities that are typically reoccurring. Relevant funding opportunities that will not likely be funded were not included in the guide.  For questions about these or other relevant grant opportunities, please contact NATaT Federal Director Jennifer Imo at

The Grant Guide is 75 pages long.  It is broken into three parts for easier downloading:

TFG Rural Grant Guide (pages 1 – 25)

TFG Rural Grant Guide (pages 26 – 50)

TFG Rural Grant Guide (pages 51 – 75)

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