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MAT Staff August 20, 2020

Online Noxious Weed & Gravel Roads Training

NEW Noxious Weed Training Video Available!

On the Training Events page (link also towards top of homepage), you will find training opportunities provided by other organizations.  Board of Appeal & Equalization Training, Noxious Weeds, Firefighter Training, GTA Land Use Planning, LTAP, and Truck Weight Training is all updated on this page.

Here are some new Training Opportunities:

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has produced an 18-minute video for Townships regarding Noxious Weeds.
This brief video describes the biology of invasive plants, the categories of noxious weeds in Minnesota, and identification and treatment timing for selected noxious weeds.
Noxious Weed Training for Townships (Part 1): Biology and Treatment Timing

(NEW!!) Noxious Weed Training for Townships (Part 2): Duties and Tips for a Successful Local Weed Program

Gravel Roads Webinar Series
Session 4: Hills, Super Elevations, and Intersections
August 26, 2020
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