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MAT Staff August 20, 2020

Help the Broadband Coalition Speed Test Initiative

The Minnesota Broadband Coalition asks Minnesotans to participate in their Speed Test Initiative, which gathers data about the internet speeds that households and businesses are experiencing. The process should take only a few minutes, with the test itself lasting less than a minute. This data will help to show where broadband infrastructure may be needed, and can be used to show the great disparity between urban and rural broadband services. MAT asks township officers to take the test and encourage others in their community to do so. The more users take the test, the more reliable and useful the data will be to rural communities.

Take the Test!

Anyone may view the data collected by this initiative. View the Speed Test Data.

Those with no internet access at their homes are encouraged to visit a local library or drive-in hotspot in their community, or use their mobile device to take the survey and check the “no available service” button to record their physical address. This simple access and speed survey will result in statistically valid data and mapping for decision makers to plot a course for Minnesota’s ambitious broadband expansion plans.

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