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MAT Staff May 10, 2021

Grade Crossing Safety Program – Section 130 Funding

MnDOT’s Office of Freight and Commercial Vehicle Operations, Railroad Safety and Coordination Unit is requesting local participation in funding railroad crossing projects, in continuing efforts to involve local road authorities in improving railroad-highway grade crossing safety,

Please respond to the railroad crossings in your jurisdiction (Projects Eligible for FY 2025). These crossings have been deemed an eligible project (based on the risk factors at these locations) by the engineers/project managers in our office.

These locations of concern were identified using the following risk factors: roadway AADT, number of trains/day, volume cross product (# of vehicles X # of trains), train speed, skew, distance to nearby intersection, distance to nearest crossing, clearing sight distance, approaching sight distance. In 2016, MnDOT analyzed crash data to determine the risks present at each crossing. The resulting report is called the Rail Grade Crossing Safety Project Selection report (click on that link for more info on risk factors and results).

If you, the road authority, are willing to participate in a safety improvement project at the crossing for state fiscal year 2025 (July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025), please reply to with your agreement to fund 10% of the project cost by June 30, 2021.

Of the $6M that we receive from FHWA annually, our funding goals are the following:

  • Consolidation/Closures – up to 50%
  • Antiquated Equipment – between 25-50%
  • Grade Crossing Control Criteria – between 25-50%.

Once we receive the responses for this solicitation, we will then score each crossing internally. If we receive and select more projects than can be funded in state fiscal year 2025, we will work with you to program that project in state fiscal year 2026.

A spreadsheet on our website contains all open, public, at grade crossings in Minnesota. You can view this spreadsheet (Rail Grade Crossing Safety Data) and the ‘Projects Eligible for FY 2025’ PDF here:

You can filter and search for crossings in your area to see the risk factors. If you see data that isn’t correct (AADT, for example), please email Amy Johnson with the correct info.

For more information, and if you would like to discuss a particular crossing, please contact Amy Johnson at 651-366-3709.


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