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MAT Staff March 18, 2020

Coronavirus Updates on the Census and LBAE Meetings

Please read the following document for Information and Resources on federal responses for state, local, and regional government:  Coronavirus Update: 3/16/2020 (The Ferguson Group)

2020 Census

An update on 2020 Census operations has been posted on


Local Board of Appeal & Equalization Meetings
As Minnesota responds to COVID-19 we have received many questions on how COVID-19 will affect this year’s local board of appeal and equalization (LBAE) planning and meetings.

It is important to us to provide guidance on how to proceed with LBAE meetings and meet statutory requirements while keeping everyone safe and healthy. It is crucial that each assessor’s office work closely with the local boards in your county as you prepare for LBAE meetings.

The attached memo provides important information you need to know regarding LBAE meetings and COVID-19. All questions in response to the memo should be sent to We are currently working on a FAQ webpage that will be posted to our website to assist everyone with additional questions regarding the LBAE process and COVID-19. The link to the FAQ page will be found on our Local Board of Appeal and Equalization page as soon as possible.

Our top priority is to provide guidance to assist with keeping local and county staff, board members, and property owners safe and healthy. Again, we strongly encourage that cities, counties, boards, and the state work together to be sure legal requirements are met and property owners can exercise their right to appeal.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we move through this unique situation together.

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