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16 Nov
By: MAT Staff 0

Designate Polling Place & Return to In-Person Voting

It’s time to designate the polling location for next year!

Minnesota Statute 204B.16 Subdivision 1 requires townships to designate their polling place by resolution or ordinance by December 31 each year. Townships do not need to send any notice about the polling place unless it has changed since the previous election. If the township designates a new polling place the town must mail notice to every affected household with at least one registered voter at least 25 days before the election. The Secretary of State will prepare a sample of this notice. So, if a township has designated a new polling place, please reach out to the Secretary of State’s office to help with preparing this sample notice. You can contact the Secretary of State’s election division at 1-877-600-8683.

We are aware that townships may have chosen a ‘mail in’ procedure this election year due to COVID related circumstances. However, now is an opportunity for you to consider what your  township residents would like in future elections.

As stated in MAT policy, “The Minnesota Association of Townships believes it is important for townships to continue their right and privilege to hold elections at their local polling place. In-Person voting provides an opportunity to emphasize the importance of an ’election day’ for our youth and community.”

In addition the polling place secures voter integrity in part by: providing assurance that eligible voters are filling out the ballots; the ballot will reach its destination on time; guarantees your right to vote in private and the opportunity to correct your vote if a mistake was made.

Townships interested in changing their method of election should work with the county auditor as soon as possible to ensure you enough time to accommodate the change.

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