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Federal Sign Reflectivity Requirements

Sign Reflectivity Plan Template
The following is intended to serve as a general guide for towns in Minnesota to use in developing and adopting a plan to comply with the new guidelines regarding road signs imposed by the Federal Highway Administration. This sample policy is not intended to serve as formal legal or engineering advice. Towns are encouraged to adopt a policy comparable to the one below, or one developed for the town by a qualified consultant, prior to January 22, 2012. This date is the current deadline for having a plan in place, although a pending amendment to the federal transportation rules proposes to delay the deadline until two years following adoption of the final rules, which is expected to occur in early 2012 but not before the January 22 deadline passes. MAT will inform towns about any need to modify policies after the final adoption of any of the pending amendments.

MnDOT Road Videos Road Research Videos by MnDOT.

Model Road Sign Policy This is a Microsoft Word Document.

Model Road Sign Policy PDF Version. In order to make changes to this file, you will need a FULL version of Adobe Acrobat, not just the Reader.

Sign Maintenance and Inspection Forms An Excel(2007) Spreadsheet contain all of the Maintenance and Inspection Forms.

Generic Township Sign Inventory and Inspection Form PDF version. Print out for writing while out on the roads.

Township Traffic Sign Field Inventory Report PDF version. Print out for writing while out on the roads.

Sign Ownership PDF version. Print out for writing while out on the roads.

Township Annual Sign Maintenance and Inspection Form PDF version. Print out for writing while out on the roads.

County Sign Inventory and Inspection Collection Sheet PDF version. Print out for writing while out on the roads.

Maintenance of Signs and Sign Supports A Guide for Local Highway and Street Maintenance Personnel. This guide, which is an update to the same titled guide published in 1990, is intended to help local agency maintenance workers ensure their agency’s signs are maintained to meet the needs of the local user. This guide covers the following topics: a description of sign types, sign materials and sign supports; sign installation and the elements of a sign management system including inventory, inspection, preventive maintenance, repair and replacement, and record keeping. (PDF, 58 pages, 2.6MB)

Basic Breakaway Standards Summary of FHWA Accepted Breakaway Hardware. (PDF, 2 pages, 235KB)
Speed_Limits_Excerpt_-_Revised_Oct_2015.pdf”>Speed Limits on Town Roads Excerpt from 2015 Manual on Town Government on Speed Limits on Town Roads.

Official Mn/DOT Standard of Engineering Practice for the use of Shredded Tires in Roadways While tire shreds can successfully be used as lightweight fill in the construction of public roads, townships need to exercise care to ensure that construction is done properly and in accordance with all applicable state rules and statues.

Local Government Industry Guide

The Department of Revenue website provides a list of topics that describe the sales and use tax related to local governments — Local Government Definition; Sales of Goods and Services by Local Units of Government; Purchases Made by Local Units of Government; Other Government Exemptions; Motor Vehicle Exemptions; Miscellaneous Exemptions; Local Sales Tax; Filing Returns and Record-keeping; Legal References and Other Resources

General Explanation
Dept. Revenue – (Fact Sheet 142) Sales to GovernmentsLocal Government Purchases

Local Government Sales of Goods and Services

Exemptions for Towns
Motor Vehicle ExemptionsDept. Revenue – Revenue Notice 02-17 (Delivery of Aggregate)
Dept. Revenue – Certificate of Exemption (ST-3)
Current Sales Tax Information

Township Exemption FAQ Provided by the Minnesota Department of Revenue

297A.665 Presumption of Tax; Burden of Proof MN Statute 297A.665

297A.70 Exemptions for Governments and Non-Profit Groups MN Statute 297A.70

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture, your local Minnesota Extension office or your County Agriculture Inspector will be your best sources for information on the Noxious Weed Program and the current State Prohibited Noxious Weeds List. In some cases, they may have pictures to share of the various weeds separately or in bound format.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has developed a booklet, Minnesota Noxious Weeds, which can be downloaded. It has pictures and information on the weeds listed on the Noxious Weed List developed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

If you would like to have a good book with excellent pictures of the various weeds around the country and of those we deal with locally, the suggestion is that you purchase a copy of the Weeds of The Great Plains and the information on how and where to order is listed in this area. Weeds of the Great Plains Order Form

2018 Elimination of Target Invasive Plants Species
MDA Noxious and Invasive Weed Program
Map of Compost Sites in Minnesota Google Map of Compost Sites that accept plant materials from the public.
MDA Newsletter Sign-Up Directly receive Minnesota Department of Agriculture communications about noxious and invasive plant pests. One of the best ways to keep up with the latest information about invasive species is to sign up for the Plant Pest Insider, a monthly email newsletter. It was formerly called the EAB Review. It now covers a wide range of invasive pest topics and upcoming learning opportunities.
A Guide to Removal and Disposal of Noxious Weeds in Minnesota From the MN Department of Agriculture (2014)
Commissioner’s Signed Order Additional species added to the Prohibited and Restricted noxious weeds list in the state of Minnesota.