The Legislative & Research Committee

The MAT Legislative & Research (L&R) Committee develops, reviews, and recommends legislative actions on behalf of townships. The L&R Committee as a whole is called the General L&R Committee.

The L&R Committee meets three times per year: (1) during the regular session of the State legislature; (2) during the fall after the district meetings have concluded; and (3) during the Association’s annual meeting.

The General L&R Committee includes five subcommittees: (1) Environment; (2) Government Operation; (3) Taxes; (4) Transportation; and (5) Annexation.

The subcommittees review, research, and recommend solutions or resolutions for legislative action. No motions passed or recommendations made at the subcommittees become MAT legislative initiatives until they are passed by the General L&R Committee.

L&R Eligibility

Any township official who registers for the L&R Committee meeting is eligible to vote on all actions pending before the General L&R Committee and any subcommittee. Only one vote per county is allowed on each subcommittee.

L&R Committee Meetings

The L&R Committee meets three times per year.

An L&R Subcommittee meeting.

Spring L&R meeting – This meeting is held at the start of the Minnesota Legislative session in St. Paul. The meeting educates the L&R committee on the status of legislative issues and priorities and prepares them to lobby their legislators.

Fall L&R Meeting – Held after the conclusion of the District meetings, this is an educational working meeting. The L&R Committee reviews resolutions submitted from county units, District meetings, and individual Townships. The Fall Meeting currently takes place in St. Cloud, MN.

MAT’s Annual Meeting. MAT members vote on the legislative resolutions recommended from the L&R process. Each township official from member townships in good standing is eligible to vote on all resolutions. This location varies each year. The 2021 Annual Meeting will take place September 9-11, 2021 in St Cloud.

Additional meetings may be called as determined necessary by the Board President.

L&R Process: Resolutions

Resolutions are adopted by two different methods:

  1. County Unit or Township Level. A properly completed resolution, using the MAT resolution form, is submitted to the MAT Office from the County Unit, or from the Township directly.
  2. District Meetings. Elected township officials in attendance may formulate and submit a resolution.

The deadline for submission of all resolutions shall be one week after the conclusion of the last District meeting each year, which is published in the MAT Calendar.

Each  resolution is reviewed by MAT staff and the Board Legislative Committee to determine if it should be forwarded to the L& R Committee for consideration.

A proposed resolution must be germane and directly related to the function of town government or the exercise of town powers (express or implied) or the carrying out of the duties, functions, or responsibilities of town officials (elected or appointed) and not specifically local in nature.

September Meeting: At the September meeting, each L&R subcommittee considers each resolutions submitted to it and vote on whether to recommend  resolutions be forwarded for approval by the full L&R Committee.

At the general session of the L&R Committee, each resolution is taken up for consideration and revision. After discussion is complete, the Committee votes on whether a resolution should be recommend for approval by members at the MAT Annual Meeting. Resolutions approved by the L&R Committee are published in the Fall issue of the Minnesota Township Insider.

Annual Meeting: If the motion is approved by a majority of those voting on the resolution at the annual meeting, the resolution is then deemed adopted and made an official legislative initiative of MAT. If a majority of those voting on the resolution do not support the motion to adopt, the resolution does not become a legislative initiative.