Please use the Change of Address form to update information in our records if any town board official has moved or their address has changed.

Changes to the Clerk position

(i.e., name, address, etc), please notify the Office of the State Auditor by calling 651-297-3682 or by email at

To notify the Minnesota Department of Revenue Property Tax Division, subscribe to email updates on the Town Aid Certification webpage:


Changes to the Treasurer position

Call the Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) help desk at 651-201-8106.


For both positions

Please also notify your local County Auditor of any changes.


Minnesota Benefit Association (MBA)

If you have life, dental, or other insurance through the Minnesota Benefit Association (MBA), please call them at 1-800-360-6117 to update the changes. They are not part of the MN Association of Townships.

Change of Address

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 1-800-228-0296 or


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