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Ruth Simpson June 5, 2018

Solar Survey

What do you think about solar energy and solar development in Minnesota?

Let MN Solar Pathways know in this short survey

The rapidly declining costs of solar energy have helped lead to a solar development boom in Minnesota. Solar energy is Minnesota’s most abundant energy resource, and is readily available in every township in the state. Minnesota’s statutory goal of reaching 10% solar by 2030 will take Minnesota from 650 megawatts of solar capacity at the end of 2017 to as much as 6 gigawatts by 2030. How Minnesota reaches that goal is the focus of MN Solar Pathways, a three-year project led by the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

As part of that effort the group is surveying local governments to learn what your communities think about solar energy development and the opportunities and risks and uncertainties that communities face as this new industry expands in Minnesota. Townships are starting to see solar energy development, from rooftops to solar farms, and it’s important that township input and insights be considered in this work. Please take 10 minutes to complete the survey!

Click here to take the ten minute survey:

Thank you!

The survey is being conducted through the MN Solar Pathways project led by the MN Department of Commerce. The Great Plains Institute and Clean Energy Resource Team program are leading the project on stakeholder engagement and communications. The information will be used for several purposes. First, to inform the development of a model that the Dept. of Commerce can use to evaluate different solar deployment strategies. The model needs to address a variety of stakeholder priorities/concerns/value propositions. They would like to understand the range of opinions, concerns, and opportunities seen by different local governments as solar development expands in Minnesota. Second, the survey will help them understand the most meaningful way to message findings from the modeling efforts to different audiences with different levels of knowledge about solar energy issues. Finally, they would like to know what information or technical assistance local governments need in order to address solar development issues that are arising in Minnesota.

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