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MAT Staff October 12, 2020

Please Take Survey to Shape MN Climate Control Priorities

Climate change is not in the distant future – it’s happening here and now. In Minnesota, extreme weather events threaten agriculture, the environment and many of our most cherished natural and cultural resources. But by working collaboratively, we can build resilient communities and mitigate risks posed by climate change. The state of Minnesota is committed to making climate resiliency and mitigation efforts a priority in both the immediate and long-term future. Gov. Walz, through Executive Order 19-37, established a Climate Change Subcabinet, which I serve on, to bring renewed focus to finding effective climate policy solutions and strategies.

Increasingly, BWSR programs will include climate considerations that recognize the climate benefits our programs already provide while striving to make climate resiliency a priority for the agency and the state.

Last week, state agencies including BWSR celebrated Minnesota Climate Week. A new interagency website about climate change, Our Minnesota Climate, was launched simultaneously to raise public awareness around climate issues. Please consider taking this brief survey that will be used to help shape the Climate Change Subcabinet’s priorities and approach. We want to hear which issues affect you the most and how you’d like to be involved in this important work. As local leaders, your input is highly valuable to this process.

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