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MAT Staff May 28, 2017

New Law Books Are Here!

The new Minnesota Township Laws Book has arrived and copies will be available at the District Meetings in August. Each township may receive one copy of the Law Book. Townships unable to attend the meeting may request their copy be picked up by officials from a different township. Click here for the form. MAT will not be mailing out copies to townships at this time. You can find the new Law Book index here.

The Township Law Book has been updated in 2017.  Each township receives one copy of the updated Law Book.

This Index is the latest version of the Minnesota Township Laws Book (2017). This index references the 2016 edition of the Minnesota Statutes. Statutes passed in Spring 2017 were not codified at the time of printing.

The index below is a PDF of the statues and contain links to the Office of Revisor of Statutes website.  To use the index, you must have an active internet connection open to view the actual statutes.

The 2017 Law Book Index (27 pages). PDF document which contains the statutes and links to Revisor’s website.

2017 Town Law Book Index
Law Book Request Form If you are unable to attend your district meeting and would like someone from another township to pick your Law Book up, please fill out this form and have them bring it to the meeting.