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MAT Staff December 2, 2020

Local Road Improvement Program Application Info

Beginning December 2, 2020, townships may apply for up to $1.25 million in funding for road improvement projects. The grant funds are made available through the Local Road Improvement Program (LRIP), funded by the Minnesota Legislature in the 2020 bonding bill. This bill allocated $75,000,000 to the LRIP, which helps local road authorities improve local roads. The application period opens December 2, 2020, and closes March 3rd, 2021. Towns may use these funds to improve rebuild and upgrade roads, including to improve current roads to a 10-ton weight capacity.

How Much may a Town Receive from LRIP?

A township may receive up to $1,250,000 per project; there is no minimum to what towns may receive.

What is a Project?

Simply put, a project is a specific road improvement effort by a township. A project for LRIP may include several roads, so a township with may improve an area of roads within one project. However, a project must have an expected useful life of at least of ten years, which means, projects like filling potholes, standalone ditch repairs, and purchasing and gravel are not eligible for LRIP. The projects must be improvements in nature, not merely maintenance. Projects need not be high traffic roads – local road essential for agricultural, mining, or other production are eligible.

Some examples of projects that would qualify for LRIP include but are not limited to:

  • Rebuilding the base of a road to become 10-ton roads;
  • Tarring a road;
  • Improving Water drainage systems that protect and strengthen the road.

How does a Township Apply for LRIP?

All townships are eligible to submit a project and receive funding. Townships must work with the county road engineer to submit an application. The county engineer serves as the township’s sponsor to the Minnesota Department of Transportation. A project is not eligible if already received other legislatively appropriated funds (like previous LRIP grants or earmarks) for the proposed project roads. Townships should contact their county road engineer soon for help.

After examining whether the town has an eligible project, the township may begin the application process; the application can be found here. Greater detail about the LRIP can be found in the 2020 LRIP Solicitation Guide. For more information, please contact MAT or review the LRIP website.

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