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MAT Staff January 5, 2021

Job Opening – MAT Executive Director

The Minnesota Association of Townships seeks a new Executive Director.


Submit resume and cover letter via email to Julie Lenneman, Administrative and Financial Director at or via US mail to Minnesota Association of Townships, Executive Director Position, P.O. Box 267, St. Michael, MN 55376. No telephone calls please. Application period will remain open until position is filled.

Email Address:

The Job Description for this position is provided below.


The Executive Director (“ED’) is the CEO and manager of the Association, with full time responsibility to oversee the day-to-day administration of the MAT. The ED must carry out the mission of the organization and be its leader. The ED reports directly to the Board of Directors. All MAT employees and contractors report directly to the ED. The duties are roughly set out below and are subject to change by the Board of Directors. The Board recognizes that there is an overlap of duties inherent in this description and that the ED cannot do all actions without the able assistance of the staff, the Board of Directors, and its members.


The ED must be involved in the recruitment, promotion, training, hiring, and firing of staff, and must regularly supervise personnel and administer any such matters, including salaries, after appropriate review and approval by the Board. The ED will work with the Boards HR Committee to be conversant with the job duties of all employees and contractors. The ED must be a leader and motivator and engage in effective communication with staff and is responsible for maintaining a positive work environment.


The ED must oversee the development and maintenance of the budgets, supervise the accounting and financial reporting of the in-house staff responsible for such matters, work with the auditors and other contractors, exhibit concerns for and address financial health and well-being of the MAT, and engage in long-range financial planning and work with financial investment firms. The ED is authorized to sign checks and review and sign all tax returns on behalf of the organization.

The ED is expected to pursue new avenues of revenue. The ED should supervise staff and work with the Board regarding these efforts.


The ED retains primary responsibility for and must focus on maintaining Association membership, although this is a joint effort with the Board who has the ultimate responsibility.

The ED must effectively advise and assist, motivate, and be a resource for the Board and its members and shall perform duties as needed or assigned.

The ED should encourage communication and consensus building and keep the Board advised of events affecting policy, budget, and office operations.

The ED must help coordinate meetings, agenda, minutes, and plans for execution for the Board, as well as keep leadership informed of developments and issues affecting the township government and MAT. The role should be proactive in nature.

The ED should assist and be involved with the ongoing education and training efforts and work in tandem with the Events Coordinator to schedule training events to help regarding all ongoing activities, including the development of webinars, videos, or other technical formats to educate township officials.

The ED should assist and be involved with the ongoing membership development efforts and work in tandem with the Member Services Director to help regarding all ongoing activities.

The ED shall attend all Board meetings and present a report on Association affairs.


One of the principal responsibilities of the ED is to be the face of MAT and to cultivate and develop friendships and relationships with a multitude of other like-minded groups, including but not limited to cities, counties, school districts, state government and other agencies, key political leaders, and other leaders in the business community.


The ED shall coordinate and oversee all lobbying activities as directed by the MAT Board. With any Government Relations Staff and lobbyist(s) that the MAT hires or contracts with, the ED shall maintain regular communications and, if necessary, assist in efforts regarding the Legislature, including presenting MAT’s viewpoint to the Legislature, appearing before state or federal agencies or work groups, speaking with State Constitutional Officers, and maintaining a respected and cooperative relationship with related allies.

The ED provides vision and support to MAT’s membership to help make their voices heard at the legislative level by encouraging resolutions from the membership that will be processed through the L& R Committee to determine legislative policies of the Association.

The ED is expected to be the representative on the National Association of Towns and Townships (NATaT) Board and represent MAT at its functions, or other peer group meetings and conventions to develop relations, exchange information and knowledge, and to maintain a positive working relationship with said groups.


The ED is responsible for overseeing MAT publications and supervising the employees in this regard. When needed, the ED will write articles for the Minnesota Township Insider and any other publications in which the Association is involved.

The ED must have excellent computer skills and be competent with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

The ED is to be the Public Relations liaison. The ED duties include working on press releases, membership notices, doing radio or TV interviews, and coordinate and oversee such matters in MAT.

The ED is expected to travel throughout Minnesota, meeting with members to provide information and training at educational programs and district meetings.

  1. Qualifications:
  • B.A. in business administration, public administration, or a related field and preferably six years, but no less than four years of progressively responsible experience in industry or local government.
  • Experience working with township government.
  • Ability to work independently with limited supervision and direction.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and an ability to work with all types of people, agencies, and governmental units.
  • Must have excellent computer skills and be competent with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Strong fiduciary principles: ethical (background check required).
  • Possession of a valid state driver’s license.


The ED is the chief caretaker of MAT-owned property, overseeing maintenance for the organization’s short-term and long-term needs.

Salary range: $95,000 to $110,000.

Once a conditional offer of employment has been extended, applicants will be required to undergo a background check.

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