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MAT Staff February 5, 2020

FY 2020 Rural Emergency Medical Services Training Grant (EMS Training)

CFDA # 93.243
Federal Department Health and Human Services, Department of (HHS)
Related Agency HHS
Solicitation Released 01-30-2020 Application Due Date 03-30-2020
Eligible Applicants Eligible applicants are rural emergency medical services (EMS) agencies operated by local or tribal governments (both fire-based and non-fire-based), as well as nonprofit EMS agencies.

For the purposes of this program, “rural” is defined as:

A non-metropolitan statistical area
An area designated as a rural area by any law or regulation of a state
A rural census tract of a metropolitan statistical area

Eligible Activities and Uses The purpose of this program is to recruit and train emergency medical services (EMS) personnel in rural areas. The program will help meet the great need of emergency services in rural areas.

All projects must:

Recruit EMS personnel
Train EMS personnel as appropriate to maintain licenses and certifications relevant to serve in an EMS agency
Conduct courses that qualify graduates to serve in an EMS agency
Fund specific training to meet federal or state licensing or certification requirements
Ensure EMS personnel are trained on mental and substance use disorders and care for people with such disorders in emergency situations; training may be provided via the funding agency’s Technology Transfer Centers
Develop new ways to educate emergency health care providers through the use of technology-enhanced educational methods
Acquire EMS equipment
Acquire personal protective equipment for EMS personnel as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Purchase and train EMS personnel on the use of the opioid overdose antidote, naloxone, to utilize in case of opioid overdose emergency situations
EMS medical services are defined as resources used by a public or private nonprofit licensed entity to deliver medical care outside of a medical facility under emergency conditions that occur as a result of the condition of the patient. These include services delivered by an EMS provider or other provider that is licensed or certified by the state involved as an emergency medical technician, a paramedic, or an equivalent professional.

All projects are expected to feature a project director.

Minimum and Maximum Award Up to $200,000 per year
Matching and Cost Sharing Matching funds are not required for this program; however, applicants’ budget justifications must include a description of existing resources and other support expected to be received for the proposed project.

Other support is defined as funds or resources, whether federal, nonfederal, or institutional, in direct support of activities through fellowships, gifts, prizes, in-kind contributions, or nonfederal means. Other sources of funds may be used for unallowable costs.

Funding Details $5 million total

No more than 15 percent of the total award amount may be used for data collection, evaluation, performance measurement, and performance assessment.

No more than 14.2 percent of the total award in any given budget period amount may be used for infrastructure development.

Indirect costs may not exceed 8 percent of the project budget.

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