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Ruth Simpson June 6, 2018

District Director Elections

This August, four director districts are having elections, District 3, District 8, District 10, and District 13. Townships Officers wanting to run for election in each district “must file for the position or be nominated by a voting member of the Association from the respective district at the district meeting.” MAT Bylaws, Art. VI, sec. 5.

To file for the position of Director a candidate must use the Affidavit of Filing Form provided by the MAT office. The completed form must be sent to the Minnesota Association of Townships office. The completed filing form can be emailed (, faxed (763-497-3361), or mailed to the St. Michael office (P.O. Box 267, St. Michael, MN 55376). The filing form must be received in the Association office within the prescribed 30-day period otherwise the filing will not be considered valid. (“FILINGS SHALL OCCUR NOT LESS THAN SIXTY (60) DAYS OR MORE THAN NINETY (90) DAYS PRIOR TO THE DISTRICT ELECTION.” MAT By-laws, Art.VI, sec. 5.) Below are the acceptable filing dates for the District Director positions up for election in 2018:
District 3 – May 8- June 7
District 8 – May 24- June 23
District 13 – May 29-June 28
District 10 – June 1 – July 1

A candidate is permitted to withdraw from the election if the withdrawal is made in writing and is received in the Association office at least five business days before the scheduled election for the District in which the candidate is a township officer.

Questions regarding the filing process should be directed to Colleen Klatke at MAT, 1-800-228-0296.

All districts holding director elections will, in addition to the candidate ballot filers, accept nominations from the floor.

Full Schedule of District Meetings by date in 2018

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